Managed print services enable users to gain visibility and control of your own printing, while helping you to save costs and enhance productivity. It also keeps your documents and information secure as printing all occurs in one location – the office as your premise.

Around 15% of a business’s annual spending is on printing, with managed print services, you will be able to save up to 60% on printing costs, even more so when you use Printsaver toner and ribbon cartridges.

Managed print services save cost in every aspect, such as paper, toner and other supplies. Additionally, it is convenient, safe and fast for businesses that require abundant daily printing. Monitor and manage your own printing, thus keeping track of your records and output. Instead of outsourcing from a third party, you manage your own printing services while eliminating the risk of information leaks.

Our free maintenance also includes free pick-up service and on-site engineers for your convenience.


  1. Pay by number of pages
  2. Free printer/ copier rental with maintenance
  3. Save 60% of annual printing costs
  4. Free printer service


Per Page Programme
Save more as you only pay for the number of pages printed every month.

Per Cartridge Programme
Order a minimum quantity of Printsaver cartridges, and we’ll rent printers and copiers to you for free, maintenance included!